Under Mud Shower Pan

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Allows wallboard to be installed straight down the walls to the bottom of the pan without interruption.



The under mud shower pan was designed to work with the waterproof tub and shower wall system by allowing the wall board to be installed straight down the walls to the bottom of the pan without interruption, eliminating the need of having different materials where wall and waterproof pan meet such as mud to board joint.

This system can take the place of hot mop or other waterproof pan material and also eliminates the need to frame in the dam and to frame wood as backer for the waterproof pan material.

The pan is extremely durable with little or no chance of damage or compromise to the waterproof during normal building conditions. This under mud shower pan system also is designed to be floated over on both the shower floor and the dam giving the finish product the same look as a standard conventional shower floor and dam.

The pan is installed right on top of the existing floor and is fastened to the framed walls. The pan has the ability to accept any type of plastic or cast iron conventional drain with weep holes that is fastened to the pan with a pvc gasket and silicone caulking.

The under mud shower pan is pre-pitched to the drain and has ridge supports for both the bottom of the pan and the interior of the dam so there is no need to have the floor or the dam pre-sloped.

The under mud shower pan can be made in a variety of different sizes to accommodate all types of areas.

The under mud shower pan is faster, cleaner, more durable with less waste bi-products than any standard shower pan system on the market.  

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