Water Stopper

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For installations using 1/2″ or 1″ Backer Board.

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The Water Stopper was created to address a long standing problem that all tubs and/or shower pans have and that is preventing water damage caused by leaking corners on tubs and/or shower pans. The water stopper is easy to install and can work with all types of wall mounting conditions such as all board systems or mud walls and all types of tile or stone. The water stopper corrects the inherent defect of both tubs and showers by not allowing water to escape behind the end of the flanges at the front of both tubs and shower pans.

Stops leaks at corners and allows both tubs and showers to flex and move with out failure of seams and corner integrity. 

Water Stopper is a light and effective replacement to porous board systems and mud wall systems.

  • Saves time by eliminating the need for seams to dry or for lath, scratch and floating.
  • Reduces waste by encouraging the use of smaller pieces due to easier seaming during installation of light weight boards. And reduces any waste from cement and sand debris.
  • Reduces chances of damage to tubs and/or shower pans and reduces mess and clean up time


Backer Board Type

1/2″ Backer Board, 1″ Backer Board

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